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Get started with Olakino Center for Lifestyle Medicine!


Comprehensive Individual Lifestyle Medicine Assessments
with Dr. Canyon are COMING SOON.
See referral process below 

Step 1: Get a referral from your Primary Care Physician or Specialist.

All individual Lifestyle Medicine appointments require a referral – these forms can be found here – completed forms can be faxed to 808-762-1586. Once all forms are submitted and reviewed by our team, you will receive a call from our office about advancing to Step 2. 

Step 2: Complete our detailed, lifestyle assessment.

Once you are contacted by the office, you’ll receive a link to a detailed assessment of your current lifestyle behaviors and habits. The questionnaire will identify how each of the 7 streams of Lifestyle Medicine (Regular Movement, Whole Food Nutrition, Staying Socially Connected, Connecting with Nature, Managing Stress, Complete Sleep and Avoiding Risky Substances) fit into your current routine. The assessment is extensive. Please allow enough time to process and fully complete.

Appointments can only be scheduled AFTER the assessment is complete so that the doctor has time to review it prior to your appointment.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment.

Once your assessment is complete, we’ll schedule an interview with Dr. Canyon to discuss your responses and lifestyle in greater detail. 

Step 4: Receive your first Lifestyle Medicine prescription.

Our team will evaluate all of the information and identify key areas of change that will have the most impact on your health. Based on her expert opinion, Dr. Canyon will create a plan with you. 

Step 5: Put everything into practice.

Follow up appointments will be scheduled according to your customized plan and goals. Making changes to your lifestyle for optimal health takes time. Together, we will work to decide the best course of action and make adjustments along the way. 

Step 6: Get support.

Expect to schedule a follow up in 2-4 weeks, depending on your needs. In addition, Amanda McFarland, RD will work with you virtually to help you work towards your goals.

Looking for an upcoming class or event?

See our full calendar of upcoming events at the Olakino Center for Lifestyle Medicine.


Join the Lifestyle Medicine Program - Coming Fall 2023!

Olakino Center for Lifestyle Medicine will be launching its first foundational Lifestyle Medicine Course! This comprehensive course will include:

  • Education around the 7 streams of Lifestyle Medicine over the course of 7 weeks

  • Individual sessions with Dr. Canyon and a dietitian

  • Input from additional specialists, as needed (TBD)

  • Small, group-oriented sessions

  • Online and in-person support as you learn the fundamentals of Lifestyle Medicine

Appointment details:

  • Not open for referrals until September 2023 – please check back in August.

  • Referrals should be through your Primary Care Physician (PCP)


  • Self-referred, full fee paying (contact office for current rates) 

  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, insomnia, depression or anxiety, or substance abuse, appointments should be covered by most insurances. Many other pre-existing conditions also qualify for a Lifestyle Medicine appointment. Your referring physician is asked to indicate your condition(s) for which you are being referred.

  • In 2023, HMSA and some Medicare plans cannot cover individual Lifestyle Medicine appointments with Dr. Canyon due to her current contracts with these plans as a primary care doctor. We hope to see this change in 2024. All other insurances should be covered if you have a pre-existing medical condition. 

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