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Office Policies

Late Appointment Policy

If you are an established patient and arrive 10 minutes late or more to your appointment – you will be asked to reschedule unless the schedule can still accommodate you. When a patient arrives late it minimizes the physician’s ability for a full assessment, disrupts their schedule and takes time away from other patients.


Missed Appointment or “No-Show” Policy

While we make every reasonable effort to provide a reminder text and call 24 hours before your appointment, it is your responsibility to remember your appointment. 

We require 24 hour notice for all cancellations. We recognize that situations arise that are out of your control, however it is imperative that you contact our office immediately to notify us of your cancellation in a timely manner.

Appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours or a complete “No-Show” to the appointment will result in a $40.00 cancellation charge.


Prescription Refill Policy

Check to see if you already have a refill before you call the clinic. If you call the clinic for a refill, please be prepared to wait up to 4 days. 

We cannot refill a medication over the phone if: 

  • We did not prescribe the medication initially; an appointment is required

  • The prescription is for a new medication

  • We have not seen you in the last year

  • It is after hours 

  • It is over the weekend

Paperwork Request Policy

If you need the doctor to complete a form, make sure you complete all your parts and make an appointment. The doctor will not sign or complete forms without an appointment.


Doctor Calls Policy

If you would like to speak with a doctor, you have to leave a message with our staff. Please specify the purpose of the call so the doctor can have the appropriate information ready. Please leave your name and phone number. The doctor will determine if an appointment needs to be scheduled.


Financial policy

We accept many insurers and health plans, for these insurance providers we submit all insurance claims and bills to those plans directly. It is your responsibility to make sure we are a participating doctor under your insurance plan. If we are not, you will be responsible for the balance.


Different insurance plans have different definitions of what is covered. Please be aware of the limits and conditions of your own policy. In the event your health plan determines a service to be “not covered”, you will be responsible for the fee. In that event we will bill you and payment is due upon receipt of the statement. ​

Termination Policy

We reserve the right to terminate the doctor-patient relationship for:

  • Frequent no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

  • Inappropriate behavior or language to staff or other patients.

  • Falsifying insurance or health information.

  • Repeated abuse of our office policies.

  • Past due accounts when patient/patient’s family does not make an effort to meet the payment schedule.

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