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Welcome to Canyon Primary Care.

Dr. Canyon is not accepting new primary care patients

What is Primary Care?

Established in 2017, Canyon Primary Care was previously known as Kailua Primary Care.
Dr. Canyon offers Primary Health Care services to adults, 18 years and over. Primary care is a cornerstone of healthcare. It serves as the first point of contact for individuals seeking medical attention. Primary care providers include general practitioners, family physicians, pediatricians, and other healthcare professionals who are responsible for providing comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients.


Why is Primary Care essential?

Prevention: Primary care providers focus on preventive care, which is vital in maintaining good health and preventing the onset of chronic diseases. They conduct routine check-ups, screening tests, and vaccinations, and offer lifestyle advice to help patients make healthy choices.

Coordination of care: Primary care providers serve as the main point of contact for patients, and they are responsible for coordinating care with other healthcare providers. This helps ensure that patients receive timely and appropriate care for their health conditions.

Long-term relationship: Primary care providers establish long-term relationships with patients, which enables them to develop a deep understanding of their medical history, preferences, and healthcare needs. This relationship facilitates trust and communication between the patient and the healthcare provider, resulting in better health outcomes.

Cost-effective: Primary care is generally more cost-effective than specialty care or hospital care, as primary care providers can manage many health conditions without the need for expensive procedures or hospitalizations.

Forms and information for existing patients:

All completed forms can be faxed to: 808-762-1586 or dropped off during office hours

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